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Top 15 UI UX Design Ideas

Top 15 UI UX Design Ideas

Creeting a wonderful UI UX design can generate a solid impression on your clients about your mobile phone application. It is an amazing technology that instantly connects clients to your brand and helps them to navigate through your application in a smooth pleasant manner. The ROI of the entire app is increased with a perfectly designed UI design. When the design you select is extremely client-oriented and keeps them engaged throughout their browsing experience, then your mobile phone application is sure a great success.

In today’s technology industry everything is changing with fresh ideas continually and is developing at a taste pace. The UI UX design creates a unique impact on mobile and many other technologies of the industry. These designs developed are not limited to outward looks but are designed in a way to blend successfully with the UI guidelines, accessibility, and sustainability of application structure. If you are searching for the most trendy and stylish design exclusively designed for both Android and iOS applications, and then read further for rich information.

15 UI UX Design Ideas

  1. Advanced personalized features

Advanced personalized features

Recently the UI designs have been well developed making personalization a solid process. Artificial intelligence and machine knowledge have made the customization flawless. Advanced technologies offer recommendations for the clients according to their customized preferences.

  1. Curved corners

Curved corners

The curved line corners are new developments that emerged in the Smartphone industry. In recent times both iOS and Android mobiles are featuring this design for their entire mobile WebPages and applications respectively. It produces around to feel and attractive design with positive features. Curved corners are soothing to your eyes and assist in processing all the important data quickly and easily.

  1. Virtual assistants powered by voices

Virtual assistants powered by voices

All the personal virtual assistants such as Siri of Apple devices, Alexa for Amazon, Samsung assistant, Google AI assistant, and other virtual smart voice assistants commend their ability to the UI UX design trends. These applications powered with voice command features deliver fast and accurate results for your queries with an awesome user interface.

  1. Login without passwords

Login without passwords

With wide ranges of applications used every day by users, it is really difficult to remember the passwords every time you log in to it. Another wonderful UI design provides the ability to login to multiple accounts without providing any password. Mobile applications have started implementing logging systems without a password by utilizing fingerprint or facial biometric recognition. Other resources use one time passwords for logging in easily into your accounts.

  1. Amazing animation

Amazing animation

The animation could be considered as the most effective feature that provides wonderful user experiences. Advanced animation motions and moves help in generating plenty of data such as the following-

  • Explanation of changing states
  • Additional detailed rhythms to your interactions
  • Confirm every action

With improvements made in technology, animations have the capacity to promote your brands in a spicy and more attractive manner.

  1. New Gradient 2.0

New Gradient 2.0

The all-new Gradient 2.0 has been used for generating vibrant colors and shades as a source of light for the background. The absolutely fascinating UI UX design not only produces depth and dimension with their wonderful palette but its styling is advancing with the gradients shifting towards subtle and simple patterns.

  1. Faux 3-D and 3-D UI Design

Faux 3-D and 3-D UI Design

Implementing 3D features in your mobile phone applications is an old design trend that has been utilized in games and entertainment platforms for a longer period of time. But with amazing improvements made in the technology industry even 3D technology had developed with Faux-3D, which gives users an opportunity to indulge in fantastic mobile phone interactions.

  1. The dim light UI design trend

Dim light UI design trend

The dark theme is actually a dim light UI UX design that mostly portrays darker shades. Basically users benefit in two ways when they start using these dark themes-

  • The reduction of severe strain to your eyes is produced as this feature modifies the brightness of your mobile screen according to the conditions of the ambient lighting system.
  • Exceptional storage is generated for saving power of the battery, which is accomplished by diminishing bright pixels.
  1. Buttonless and liquid swipe design

Buttonless and liquid swipe design

With advancements made in technology mobile phones are not using buttons for operating the devices but are designed with digital swipe patterns. Since these mobiles use this feature it provides extra spaces on the screen with enhanced data storage capabilities. Digitally designed buttons are easy to use and the contents are enriched with advancements.

  1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality

The UI UX design helps in applying augmented reality and virtual reality technology. This wonderful feature enables freshly enhanced appearances by introducing the digital elements to the fictions and converting them into real-life images.

  1. Extraordinary navigation

UI UX Design - Extraordinary navigation

Almost every device is available in bigger and wider screens. Modern mobiles have the capacity to store and display extra content on their wider screens and are perfectly designed for multitasking purposes. However, because of the bigger screens complications may arise in the interactive and navigation elements. Therefore the navigation bar has been shifted to the bottom of the screen, which makes the navigation process easier and advanced accessibility available with just a single click.

  1. Wonderful illustrations

UI UX Design - Wonderful illustrations

Advanced technology has developed wonderfully equipped illustrations that are designed with emotional support. Designers are experimenting with multiple styles of illustrations. Their chief object is to generate extraordinary products that allow users to connect emotionally.

  1. Designing contents

UI UX Design - Designing contents

The content-rich approach has helped in creating meaningful and functional UI UX design. Users can choose complex and artistic solutions that are absolutely comfortable and convenient. Another reason for the popularity of this design is its readability with a simple style of the contents designed used for the slogans, tagline, names of brands, etc.

  1. Chatbots

UI UX Design - Chatbots

The chatbots UI designs are tailored to process the questions and deliver accurate data to the users. These chatbots are designed to help with different types of basic computer languages and variations such as phrases, slang, emoticons, auto-filling functional features, and structure texts to be suitable for the personality of your brands.

  1. UI Design for the disabled

UI UX Design for the disabled

If you are a person with a permanent or temporary or occasional disability you will be interacting differently with the devices and technology. The UI UX design allows you to customize the products to help users with disabilities. For example, specially designed mobile screen for those with vision problems or blind can enable the vibration, acoustic device signals, responsive mobile layout, read-aloud features, high contrast combinations of colors and voice assistants, etc., offers smooth user-friendly experiences. Good luck!