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January 2nd, 2014 - No Comments

2014 – Why small businesses need a mobile & tablet optimized website

As mobile & tablet owners are increasingly going in for online shopping, those small businesses that adapt to this trend and offer the best online experience to customers will stand to gain. That is why all small businesses need a mobile & tablet optimized website in 2014.

The world is going mobile and mobile & tablet traffic to websites is growing rapidly.  The latest statistics for mobile adoption and usage for 2013 indicate:

* 91% of people in the world have a mobile device.

* 56% of mobile device owners own a Smartphone.

* 50% of mobile phone users use their mobiles to go online.

* 80% of consumers plan to carry out mobile e-commerce transactions during the next 12 months.

* 72% of tablet owners make online purchases through their tablets every week.

Small businesses can use technology and consumer mobile & tablet preferences to their advantage and focus more on digital marketing. Get a mobile & tablet optimized website soon because if you don’t, the consumers will get a poor experience and leave your site, never to return.  A good business website must be fast to load, easy to use and navigate and be content rich. If you don’t have a mobile & tablet optimized website you are losing out on business unnecessarily.

According to eMarketer, the estimated US retail mobile e-commerce sales for 2014 are US $56.72 billion and expected to cross US $100 billion by 2017. At present, tablets account for about 65% share in total US mobile e-commerce sales while mobiles account for about 35% share. Tablets play a significant role in e-commerce growth as more and more consumers are using tablets to research for products. This should be enough to convince you why you need a mobile & tablet optimized website urgently.

Here are some tips for a mobile & tablet optimized website:

Go Responsive

A responsive website adapts seamlessly to the screen size and resolution of the mobile device on which it is viewed. The content is re-arranged in such a way that it is easy to read and navigate. A responsive website is fast to load, easy to access and user experience is the same no matter which device it is viewed on.

Google also recommends a responsive website as it wants smartphone users to get the best web experience and plans to penalize misconfigured sites by lowering their rankings. Thus, responsive design is the best option for a better SEO. However, according to a BI Intelligence Report, 73% of major companies that were surveyed did not have a mobile & tablet optimized website yet.

Focus on Content

Content is the heart of marketing strategy of small businesses. A powerful content can convince consumers and help to convert them into customers. As adoption and web traffic from mobiles and tablets is growing rapidly, consumers are more likely to check out your website for information. If your content is not engaging enough, he might leave your site and you stand to lose a potential customer. A relevant and compelling content will drive web traffic to your site and help you to convert website visitors into customers.

Adopt Mobile Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is used to contact and communicate with consumers. With increasing usage of mobiles and tablets, a mobile email marketing strategy provides a very good opportunity to grow your business. Alternatively, businesses that do not adapt to mobile & tablet will be losing out because a study found that 89% of consumers said they would delete an email on mobile if it doesn’t look good and 27% said they would unsubscribe. Emails help to increase sales conversions and repeat sales, and are low cost.

Target Millennials

A survey by Campaigner found that Millennials (age group 18-34) is the largest group that purchases from mobile marketing emails. About 86% of Millennials owning mobile devices use email and have made purchases directly from mobile marketing emails. Millennials or Gen Y is tech-savvy and the most active mobile user and is the best group to target for mobile email marketing.

73% of Millennials are already making transactions directly from their mobile devices and brands and retailers can take advantage of this opportunity to create better mobile experiences and capture business. Compelling messages, best deals and mobile & tablet friendly transactions will help to engage the mobile savvy Millennials.

Thus, a mobile & tablet optimized website will help small businesses to get more customers and generate good revenues in future. Focusing on mobile & tablet optimization will offer tremendous growth opportunities and 2014 can definitely be the year of small business.


This article was originally posted on the blog of our partner company: MobileRevolution.co

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